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Rev Auto

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About Rev Auto

We provide dependable transportation and affordable terms for individuals with either no credit or insufficient credit to proceed through normal channels.

We recondition our inventory to the best possible shape with our primary focus being providing dependable transportation that will last our clients for many miles into the future.

Affordable Terms. We feel there are three very important issues in keeping the terms affordable and following all of our clients to successfully meeting the terms of their financing contracts.

First, we try to make our down payment requirements as low as possible, yet adequate for sound business practices. But, keep in mind that higher down payments will lower the payments.

Secondly, we try to keep the length of our contracts as short as possible. This keeps clients from being straddled with "endless" payments. Our contracts typically allow clients to have their vehicle paid off within 2 years.

Finally, we work with our clients to arrange payments to coincide with paychecks. We can arrange for weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly schedules to fit the clients' needs.